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I am an environmental artist interested in the relationships between optics, the sciences, and the cultural symbols that link Humanity and Nature.  Scientifically speaking, dispersed sunlight is the language of the stars. Rainbows are used by astronomers, physicists, and chemists to unlock the mysteries of the universe, as in concepts like the Doppler shift, or the spectral energy distribution shift relative to increased velocity.  Along with my Photography, Film, Painting and Sculpture,  I  constructed my own optically clear dispersive lens.  The lens composition is of my own specifications and it allows me to "render in rainbows". I use  only naturally dispersed sunlight, because my stories must be grounded in reality.  I believe artists are the bridge between myth and reality.


Culturally, the rainbow is an iconic, universal symbol of hope. Many cultures use the symbol as the bridge between man and the divinity, or reality and myth.   Hope is a critical ingredient, if we are to confront the imminent threat of climate change.  And thus, in my work, I strive for Hope's articulation. 


Answers to some of our environmental problems may be found from an investigation of our prehistory, cultures older than 10,000 years, whose relationships to the physical environment was intimate, and where the first storytelling traditions developed. Evidence of these cultures, such as the paintings found in the Lascaux caves in France, or the handprints imprinted Cueva de los Manos in Argentina shows that these ancient people were the earliest creators of dreams and myth, but their tales were always rooted in the realities of their physical world. As an artist, I follow the sun and the earth’s cycles in order to make my work, and I am interested in restoring these ancient cultural links.


In Addition,  the concept of "humanity" is a relatively new idea when one considers the long history of our species on this planet, and by its very definition, it suggests or infers a separation with the natural world. If we are to survive as a species, I believe we must use nature to deconstruct this concept completely.  An investigation of the relationship been man and the natural world is a critical piece of the solution. 

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