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2022                     "Tear", Solo Exhibition, Gallery MC, New York. New York. November 10th - 30th..

2022                     "Flower", Gallery MC, New York. New York. April, May.

2021                      "The Anthropocene", Solo Exhibition, Gallery MC, New York, New York. October.

2021                      "Chasing Light", Gallery 263 Cambridge, MA July, 21.  Curated by Leah Triplett Harrington

2010                     "Reflections on Light" Harvard Neighbors Gallery, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. Oct. 10

2009                     “Illuminati Nuovi” Exploring a New Age of Enlightenment in Contemporary Art

                              Gallery MC New York, New York. June 09.

2005-06              “SAFE: Design takes on risk”, Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York. 

                              October, 2005 to January, 2006. Product Design - Banana Bunker.

2003                    Dumbo arts festival, studio 306, Brooklyn, New York. Oct. 03

2002                    Dumbo arts festival, studio 306, Brooklyn, New York. Oct. 02

2001                     Aether, Regina Gouger Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sept., 01

2001                     Aether, untitled (space) gallery, New Haven, CT. April, 01      

2000                    Installation, Art in General, New York, New York. July, 00

2000                    Telescopes, Carla Massoni Gallery, Chestertown, MD. Nov., 00                             

2000                    Shimmer, Signal 66, Washington, D.C. February, 00

1999                     The New York Biennial of Glass, Robert Lehman Gallery,Brooklyn, New York.  December, 98

1998                     AAP Group Exhibition, Gallery on the Square,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  September, 98

1997                      New Members Show, AAP Gallery,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  April, 97




2007                     “WIRED” Magazine, shopping cart section, January, 07, p. 087 Product Design.

2005                    “The Way We live Now”, Nov. 27, 2005.The New York Times, magazine, New York, New York. Product Design.

2005                    “SAFE: Design takes on Risk” by Paola Antonelli.  The Museum of Modern Art ,New York, New York. January 29, 2005

2005                    CBS SUNDAY MORNING,. Review of “SAFE” Exhibition. New York, New York.

                              December 11, 2005 Product Design - Banana Bunker

2001                     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh, Sept. 1, 2001.

2000                    Time Out New York, issue 257, Aug., 2000, p. 56      

2000                    The Washington Post, Arts Section, Wash. D.C., Mar. 2, 2000, p. C5

2000                    The City Paper, Gallery Section, Wash. D.C., spring, 2000, p. 52

1998                     Glass Magazine, winter, 1998, p. 62-63

1997                      Pittsburgh Press, Arts Section, Dec., 1997, p. 7






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